About Jeroen

I’m Jeroen Manders

As a kid I started out blowing on all sorts of instruments. Playing the saxophone became my passion. Soon I started playing in many bands and orchestras. After finishing my education at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague (with John Ruocco and Frans Elsen), I have been playing and recording with many of the big names in the dutch jazz and pop scene (Ack van Rooyen, Marc van Roon and Juraj Stanik to name but a few). I teach a variety of styles: jazz, pop, funk, latin and classical, and, during the many years I’ve been teaching, I have gained a lot of experience. I offer lessons in theory and improvisation too. If you wish, I can also prepare you for conservatory.

Making music is one of the greatest things you can do, to express yourself body and soul!"